Accountability Club Starting July 15th -PAYMENT PLAN OPTION

Accountability Club Starting July 15th -PAYMENT PLAN OPTION

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Welcome to Accountability Club!

**Choose this product if you are interested in making payments in a payment plan. Contact Clary here with any questions**

The long-anticipated mentorship group that will empower you to create spaces that transform the lives of the folks in your community, while making you money! Starting July 15th, 2019 a group of 6 badass individuals who are ready to create the change they want to see in the world will gather for 3 weeks online. Together you will learn everything you need to know to take an idea in your mind and transform it into reality. Creating a space that will transform lives in your community, and provide you with the momentum to launch a movement of your own.  

Are you ready to take your future into your own hands? You can sign up here and claim one of the 6 spots open for this season of Accountability Club!

We need to stop waiting for others to give us permission to create the things we want to see more of in the world. We need to create the spaces where we feel most at home, where we feel safe, supported and valued. Many of us didn’t and still don’t have the luxury to be counted in when it comes to events and spaces that would benefit us. If you're here reading this you know how important it is to be represented in our own communities and organizations. This 3-week online club will allow you to also grow your network and collaborate with others who are ready to level up. While gaining the skills, motivation, and inspiration to put your dreams and desires into action. I am honored to be guiding you through this process and know that this investment in yourself is also an investment in the community you wish to serve. Welcome to accountability Club I can’t wait to get started!


COST: $2200/per person (taxes are included when payment is made in full)

INCLUDES: 3 weeks of group accountability club LIVE video calls (3 calls total)  & a bonus TWO hours of individual coaching with Clary.

Our July Accountability Club will focus on: How to create Spaces that transforms lives & make money.

We will go over:

+Public Speaking Tips

+How to partner with Big Brands

+Pitching yourself

+How to create, launch and sell an event on a topic that has never been done before

+How to maintain momentum after your launch and stay connected with your guests & attendees

+Growing your community  

+Selling your events in a city where no one knows you

+Leveraging yourself as an expert in your field

+Creating an event with a budget

+Branding/Landing pages/mailing lists

+ How to push past fear & get started even if you have never done anything like this before

Our first meeting takes place online on Monday, July 15th, tentative meeting dates online include

Ways to Save: If you are apart of our mailing list, like us on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram you can save $200 for our first ever launch of accountability club

Interested in saving $400? If you also pay in full you can save a total of $400 making your membership $1800

Accountability Club members must be paid in full by the week of July 15th

6-week payment plans available click here for details

Deposit & payments are non-refundable but can be transferred or bought as a gift

Invoices can be provided for business tax-related expenses or personal development reimbursement with their place of work


What if I can’t make all the online training dates?

Each workshop training will be recorded and sent out to all participants after the date. So no worries you can watch the training anytime once it been recorded

I have a professional development fund through my work - Is this something I could put that money towards?

Absolutely! As someone who worked for an organization that funded personal development, I know how important it is to an employer that their employees have the chance to engage in meaningful training and education. We can provide you with invoices for each payment (if you select a payment plan) or one if you pay in full!

How will I communicate with the online accountability club members?

Great question! There will be an online group created so that members can communicate with each other during the week three-week training and beyond. It will take place on either Facebook or Slack!

The accountability club workshop training is only for three weeks. Is be enough time to learn everything I need to create my own events/spaces?

For the first two years of business, all of Spark Clarity Events were planned, promoted and executed by just Clary in just two weeks. What we learned is that 3 weeks of planning actually served us best, and for that reason, we wanted to provide training that allowed participants to get started on straight away. It also allows you to get a feel for the amount of time you will need to start planning events.

What is included in the 2200 fee for the accountability club?

+3 weeks of video calls

+2 hours of Coaching calls with Clary ( a value of $400)

+Accountability club Private Group

+Support from Clary in launching your first event/next event

+Copies of the emails used by Spark Clarity to pitch themselves to big brands - So that you can have the templates to work with yourself

Are there payment plans available?

Yes! We want the training to be accessible and for that reason, there is a 6-week payment plan.

Any perks to paying in full?

Oh, you bet! If you pay in full you will save $200. Want to save even more? If you join our mailing list, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram or sign up with a friend you can save another $200

Do you have any scholarship options for your program? I would love to take it but It's not in the cards for me financially?

There are 6 spots available for this program, we have decided that if we have 3 or more members sign up for the program then we will open up one scholarship spot. Please feel free to reach out at with the subject line [Scholarship wait list] for more information. Once we have filled 3 or more spots we will add an area for applications.  

Will, you really be providing copies of the emails you used to book yourself talks, create workshops and partner with big brands who paid for elements of your workshops?

Yes! This is something we have never done before and are so excited to share this exclusively with our Accountability club members!

Will there be resources in addition to the video workshop calls?

We will be creating resources including our exclusive templates and own email examples that we have used to pitch workshops & talks run by Spark Clarity. We want to set you up with the tools to succeed.

What qualifications does Clary have to lead an Accountability club group like this?

As of June 2019, Clary has run and been featured in a combination of 45 events since starting her business in August 2017. Working with brands such as Lululemon (in Kingston Ontario & Ottawa Ontario) Saje wellness, Modo Yoga, Pure Yoga, City Of Om Yoga Festival, Creative Mornings, and has been featured on CBC, the Ottawa Citizen, Gem Conference and the Thrive Podcast funded by Scotia Bank and BDC produced by Startup Canada to name a few.  All while living and thriving with a chronic invisible illness, chronic pain and learning disability. Clary knows first hand what it takes to set yourself up for success while dealing with adversity and health challenges. You will be in great hands!

Taxes are included when paying in full!

Any other questions?

Shoot us an email at subject line [Ready to transform spaces] we will be more than happy to answer them!