Navigating Bodyfulness While Living With Chronic and Invisible Illnesses

This week I sat down with Jennifer Sterling on her show The Bodyful Black Girl™ Podcast. Jennifer is a Registered Dance/Movement Psychotherapist and Holistic Nutritionist in New York City.  Her podcast consists of is a bi-weekly insightful conversations.

She discusses all things body, movement, and mental health in an effort to support black women living with depression feel more vital, well, and whole.

In this episode of The Bodyful Black Girl™ Podcast I converse with Jennifer about my experience as a queer black woman with fibromyalgia, dyslexia, depression, and anxiety. My struggle to get an accurate diagnosis for her health concerns and challenges I faced in the workplace that led me to create Spark Clarity. We also discuss how play might be beneficial for folks living with chronic illnesses and/or invisible illnesses. 

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