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As a speaker, I use my unique experience as a Black queer disabled and chronically ill woman to share messages of resiliency, hope, optimism, humour, and tips for overcoming challenges.

Sparking Inspiration

Through the talks I lead, I empower folks to see their differences as strengths, it is my desire to see hope and joy shine through every conversation. The excitement I feel and the positive mindset I have, are somethings that I always share with others.

clary's key note talks

don't quit your dream job, ask for accommodations instead

A workshop for everyone, regardless of the sector or entrepreneurial venture they are working in, on how to ask for accommodations to create a work space that doesn't induce burn out, is personalized enough to meet accessibility needs, and is flexible enough to grow.

Participants will leave with a personal accommodation plan they can carry forward to revolutionize their work space. folks living with chronic conditions

love clubs

chronic love and self love club are intentional healing spaces created by Clary's skillful, informed, and empathic facilitation.

love clubs are community gatherings that share how to heal with love, connection, and humour. Love clubs can additionally be delivered using the Spark Clarity Journal prompts as a healing tool.

chronic illness education

a chance to get an in-depth look at what it looks like to live with Fibromyalgia.

attendees will be inspired and motivated to approach healing and support of those living with chronic invisible illnesses in a different way in an effort to reduce misdiagnosis, dismissal of patients, stigma, and barriers to accomodations.

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