Clary Chambers

A creative optimist

Making delicious lemonade out of hard bitter lemons.

Hey! My name is Clary Chambers at 17 I was in a car accident that changed my life and sent me into 7 years of intense chronic pain.  It took over 30 doctors appointments but in 2017 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Then in my last year of university I was diagnosed with dyslexia. Fast forward to now, I'm happy to report that I spend most my days pain free.

The last 12 years since my car accident involved a lot of pain, doctors appointments, and x-ray. It was a long journey to healing through many treatments both medical and alternative, through community, through accommodations, and most importantly through relentless optimism.

I wanted to take what I had learned from my lived experiences and create spaces for our community to laugh, grow, play and heal.  Which is why I started Spark Clarity.

Every day my mission is to amplify the conversation about invisible illnesses and disabilities.

My ultimate goal is to create a world where folks with invisible illness and invisible disability are celebrated for their adversity, and not discriminated against because of it. It brings me joy to do this work.

I believe that people with invisible illnesses and disabilities are some of the most creative people in the world as they find daily solutions to thrive in environments that are often not set up for them.

As a consultant, I help businesses and organizations to reimagine their spaces to be more accommodating and inclusive.

As a speaker, I rally communities of people to see them use their skills, talents, and creativity to thrive in their environment. 

And that is my magnanimous mission, I must always ensure that I am doing everything to encourage and support good health for people with invisible illnesses and disabilities and that I am fighting to help reduce inequalities and poverty within these communities. 

I'm a black woman

without apology.

I'm a gay woman

without shame.

I'm an ill woman

without despair.

Spark optimism

Everything that I have learned, I now use to help open minds about the potential of people with invisible illnesses and disabilities. I have evolved into a passionate advocate for people with invisible illnesses and disabilities. To create communities of people not standing still in perceived weakness, but thriving with purpose and strength.

Spark Movement

Ultimately, the fire that ignites me comes from my desire to bring clarity. Clarity through open dialogues. Clarity surrounding invisible illnesses and disabilities. Clarity in the realities that people face. Clarity as the seemingly unseen become seen.

Spark Clarity!

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