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Big things are happening at Spark Clarity, as we get ready to take our business across the country and worldwide. We are looking for our next magic maker in the rule of bookings manager. Your first order of business will too work with Clary to craft a title worthy name that you feel represents your energy and will you have to bring to the world as well as complements the Spark Clarity Brand. 


If you are interested in applying, please fill out the Google form attached below. There are a lot of options in this application, please keep in mind those areas that are mandatory for the application process, and which ones are optional. We hope to provide the space for you to apply in the method that best represents your talents and skills. As someone with a learning disability I personally have found it very challenging to apply for jobs in the past. I've put out a survey to my network and those that follow Spark Clarity online to see which elements would make a more inclusive application. As is our first official application please send us an email if you have feedback on ways you think that we can make our applications more inclusive in the future.💛

You can apply by clicking on the link here




We are looking for our next Magic Maker to fill the role of Bookings Manager. This individual would work closely with Clary to book events, and speaking engagements for 2019 & 2020. 



This role is perfect for someone who is confident to work on their own but also is open to group collaboration. If you are the type of person who is great at time management and can get back to emails and requests in a timely manner while maintaining a work life balance this job is for you!


We wanted to make the application as inclusive as possible. There are a few required criteria we are looking for. 

-Full Name 

-Email Address 

-Phone Number 

-Answer to our question: What experience(s) do you have that makes you a good option for the role?

Then we ask that you pick the options that will best highlight your skills and experience. Its optional to include: 

-Your Resume 

-Instagram Handel 

-Link to you LinkedIn Profile 


-Video Cover Letter 

Ready to apply? Click on the link here to get started and fill out our google doc. 


🙋🏽‍♀️How many folks are you hiring for the role? 

* Our plan is to start off with one person to start in June 2019. However we are always open to feeling out further interest. If this is something that you're interested in but have a few more questions or are not in the position right now to take on the rules still send us an application and note that we'd love to keep you on file! 

💭What kind of experience can I anticipate to gain from the role? 

* Working with Clary will allow you to see what it looks like to start a business from the ground up. You can expect to gain experience in working remotely, using online tools such as Google drive, slack, Trello and more. You can also expect to learn what it looks like to be well in business. And gain experience in incorporating self care into your everyday work life.

✈️Is there a possibility to travel with this role?

* The possibility is always there! Sky's the limit when it comes to this position and it is possible that there could be travel opportunities, both within Ontario, and to other provinces and counties. 

🤳🏽Do I need to have a large social media presence to apply?

* No not at all! As long as you're familiar with social media platforms in general the size of your social media presence or whether you're on social media at all is not a determining factor to be hired.

You can apply by filling out the google form here

Applications close June 1st 2019