My mission is to inspire women to live authentically

I build communities powered by self-love and speak to women who are motivated to:

1. Conquer fear and self-doubt to find their purpose;

2. Take ownership and be accountable for their personal success;

3. Learn self-care strategies for a happy and healthier life;

4. Grow with mental illness. 


For women seeking accountability for a transformational change in their life, I offer one-on-one and group coaching services. Together, we’ll carve your unique path to happiness.

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With 25+ years of lived experience overcoming adversity, I am available to speak on how to overcome challenges, building resiliency, mental wellness and more.

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My workshops are raw, unscripted and intention-focused. I guide you through exercises that identify the root of what is limiting you from reaching your full potential.

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Clary Chambers - Spark Clarity - Live Your Truth 2
Clary Chambers - Spark Clarity - Live Your Truth 3

Kind words from thoughtful souls

Clary has an incredible way of genuinely connecting with others. She is passionate and experienced at what she does, and her mission is so important. Clary is one unique human, with a lot of love and light to give. Connect with her for a good laugh and to feel inspired in your own journey!

Rudie Jimenez

Clary has the gift of making you laugh and cry, all in the same conversation. Her workshops make you feel as though you're in your living room with a bunch of old friends. We felt comfortable disclosing our greatest fears, dreams, and we helped each other develop strategies for facing our personal challenges. 

Shannon McGirr
Design your path to happiness