1/2 Free Clarity Coaching with Clary Chambers

1/2 Free Clarity Coaching with Clary Chambers

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It brings me so much joy that you will be joining me for a free half hour of coaching.

We will do our training over a zoom video call. Once you have finished your purchase of your Spark Clarity Journal Prompt using the special offer found in the 8 ways to add more joy into your life free ebook you will be able to schedule yourself in.

My expertise lies in helping folks get crystal clear on what they want more of and what they want less of in their lives so that they can begin living their most authentic lives. I've worked with makeup artists, new moms, and experienced business owners in uncovering what was working in their lives and business and what was not. Although many of my past clients have been from varying backgrounds what they all have in common is a need to set up a system that truly works for them. A work system that allows them to thrive even with invisible illness, disability or chronic pain. Regardless of your industry I know that we can help ignite the spark that allows you to live the live of your dreams. 

Another option for our time together can be to talk about how you can add in more joy into your life - and leave you with a clear action plan on how to make that happen even if you feel like you have no free time or motivation to do so when we get started.

The nitty gritty details

Join Clary Chambers for your free 1/2 hour of coaching. Where you will be able to get clear on what steps you need to start living your most authentic life.

$200 Value

Coaching call will take place though a zoom video portal. Link will be sent to you after your purchase

For any questions in the mean time you can reach me at clary@sparkclarity.ca

*This coaching can be gifted to someone in your life that you feel needs to Spark some Clarity in their life. No cash value can be retrieved from this offer

*Coaching sessions must be scheduled within 3 months of initial purchase of the Journal Prompts.