D & I Foundations: Audit Sprint Edition

D & I Foundations: Audit Sprint Edition

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2020 as a big year for many reasons for us 2020 marks 10 years of knowledge and experience in navigating a world not set up for invisible disability and invisible illness.

For the world at large and marks, a year of the largest civil rights movement a century. 

What has been made even more evident this year than anytime before is how connected we all are. 

It is not enough to say that we provide an accessible space, or that we encourage applicants from a variety of backgrounds when advertising for new hires. 

Audit Sprint intends to solve the problem of overwhelm, indecisiveness and instead to present you with a clear plan to tackle creating more inclusive and accessible spaces today, even if you have tried unsuccessfully in the past. 

Audit Sprint involves 3-5 hours (depending on the size of your business and team) to go over your physical, digital and cultural spaces to make them more inclusive and accessible. 

Great Features 
- Shot and too the point 

- Actionalable to do list to implement 

- Resources audit check list 

- Template for mission Statement 

- Copy of ediable google form to ask feedback for your customers and employees

Online Event Check List 

Bouns Favorite accessible tools for 

1. Video Creation 

2. Advertising 

3. Accessabiiliy Office Setups or Accommodations Guide 
Best Practice guide on advertising with accessibility in mind 

Audit Sprint will set up with a framework to be able to apply to future decisions. 

Who do you want in the space

Who is currently missing 

What lived experience do I have? Who else do I need to hear from? 

Instant access to The Future Inclues Us Webinar value $500