The Future Includes Us -June 13th- 1 Hour Webinar with Clary Chambers

The Future Includes Us -June 13th- 1 Hour Webinar with Clary Chambers

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TIME: 2-3 PM EST (Toronto) 11-12 PM PST (Vancouver) 

PRICE: Pay What You Can 

This event is Pay What You Can, with a suggested payment of $100. I chose this option as a way to honour and value my time and energy, while not leaving out anyone who wants to learn.

As a Black Disabled Queer Woman with a degree and a business, the knowledge and perspectives I have to share with you were not easy to accrue. Payment for participation in the webinar supports me, in all I have done and all I will do.

However,  if you want to learn and aren’t able to pay there are other ways you can honour my efforts - including learning all you can from the session and implementing them in your life going forward. 

The webinar is priced at $200 within the store to allow for folks with means to increase their payment should they choose to do so. Otherwise, please use the discount codes below to adjust your price to what feels good to you: 

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Webinar Description Below: 

During this 1 hour webinar you'll learn from me,  Clary Chambers, the founder of Spark Clarity, on how to begin to create physical, digital, and cultural spaces that are informed by disability justice, that include LGBTQ+ folks, and that are anti-racist.

This webinar is a starting point both for those who have been spurred into action and learning by the recent community organizing in response to police violence, and to those who are more experienced activists looking to learn more about disability and chronic illness inclusion, about how to include the LGBTQ+ community in their spaces, and more perspectives on anti-racism. 

The webinar will be conducted via GoogleMeet, you’ll just need to click the link in your confirmation email (no software download required unless on mobile and then the google hangouts app must be downloaded).

The webinar will last an hour and all slides will be available afterwards! Participants will not be required to stream their video/audio, and subtitles will be available. 

I look forward to learning with you, please send me an email at if you have any questions or concerns. 

See you soon!

Clary Chambers