I don't always want to talk about my chronic illness, but when I do I'm sure tired of….

1. Folks who don’t see to understand what you're going through, even though you’ve explained it time and time again.

2. Unsolicited advise, that involves rubbing an oil on where ever hurts for a magical cure.

3. Hearing things like “you're still sick?” or “when will you get better?”

come as you are

a truly inclusive space

whether we are connecting in person or online you can be sure that we do everything in our power to make sure you feel accepted just as you are.

Spark Clarity is a pro black, pro queer, and pro trans space by design and aims to advance the human rights of all people.

here's how I can help:

here at Spark Clarity we support folks with chronic illnesses and disabilities in three ways:

- join our online and in person community to connect with others on similar journeys!

- participate in a workshop

- hire us to work with you and/or you and your employer to come up with an accommodation plan so you can thrive at work! Don't quit your dream job, ask for accommodations instead!

Relentless optimism is whats helped me rise above every stumbling block and see the value in the little things.

It's something I share with people to encourage and
empower them.

If your ready to explore options that allow you to work smarter not harder in the work place I'm ready to help you thrive. If that sounds like you let's work together.

gathering regularly online

coming together to spark clarity

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